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With over 10 years of experience dealing with ultra sharp objects SAE Systems has developed the new and unique Razorpro brand of PPE

Razorpro PPE Applications

Razorpro PPE was designed initially for use with Razorwire and Barbed Wire to augment our own Razor wire business, we have since found that Razorpro with its high performance levels, unique design, durability and wear-ability has crossed over into several other applications and industry areas including animal welfare and arboricultural use.


The importance of using the correct PPE when handling razor wire is imperative and the biggest mistake often made by installers is to select PPE based on cut resistance whereas the emphasis should be placed on puncture resistance which is the most likely form of injury to the person handling razor wire. Additionally snagging of the PPE on clothing can create problems particularly when installing in difficult and hard to access situations.

Razor Wire Gloves Ship Protection

The next important factor in selecting PPE for use with razor wire is ensuring all exposed areas of the body are adequately protected from contact with the Razorwire. Because installers and de-installers often have to reach inside the razor wire coils when fitting or removing, the wrist, inner arm and armpit are often exposed, its important these areas are well protected from the sharp barbs encountered with razor wire.

Razorpro Full PPE Handling Razorwire with Razorpro PPE


In addition to Razorwire installation and removals, barbed wire and normal wire handling are often associated with lacerations and puncture wounds. The outdoor properties of Razorpro combined with its durability means that companies can equip their employees with PPE that will out last traditional outdoor work PPE.

Razorpro Gloves and Sleeves

Veterinary and Animal Welfare

Whilst there are numerous gloves in the same puncture protection class as Razorpro the unique combination of gauntlet and sleeve that attach to each other means that now there is a solution that protects those involved in the day to day handling of animals, raptors and reptiles from animal bites and claws for the full length of the arm, something any vet will understand when faced with removing an aggressive cat for instance from a basket.

Hand and Arm Protection For Vets

The flexible leather outer element also helps prevent claws snagging or hooking into the fabric, which can rapidly escalate the stress on the animal that is being handled. Whilst Level 4 Puncture resistance isn’t a guarantee against a puncture wound from a cat or snake for instance, it is an additional line of defence and greatly reduces the risk of injury to the handler.

Snake Bite Prevention Using Razorpro Hand and Arm Protection

Building and Maintenance / Glass Removal

Gaining access through holes in wire fencing or removing broken glass from its frame can be a hazardous task particularly with glass particles which are prone to coming loose and falling onto the person involved, with just hand protection the risk of serious laceration is extremely high, with the Razorpro gauntlet and sleeve combination this risk is greatly reduced.

Protective Gloves for Glass Removal

Landscape Clearance / Tree Surgery

This often involves wire and sharp object handling as well as clearing dense thorn and bush where the operative is required to expose areas of the arm that may not be adequately protected. With Razorpro PPE this problem is resolved. The feedback from our customers in the arboricultural and hedge laying industry has been fantastic.

Gloves for Landscaping / Garden Clearance