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With over 10 years of experience dealing with ultra sharp objects SAE Systems has developed the new and unique Razorpro brand of PPE

Razorpro PPE Tests

Designed for Protection – Built to Last

Rigorous Testing

Manufactured to CE standards EN 420 1994 and EN 388 1994 the Razorpro PPE Tests for Gauntlets and Sleeves have been rated to the following criteria and methods.

Razor wire glove testing process

CE EN 388 Mechanical Hazards

  1. Abrasion Testing (Maximum Rating = 4)

    Used to measure the abrasion resistance, the test involves rubbing samples cut from the product against a standard glass paper until a hole is worn through. The number of abrasion cycles carried out before a hole is formed determines the performance rating below.

  2. Cut Testing (Maximum Rating = 5)

    This test is designed to measure the resistance to cutting by selecting samples from the product and placing in a frame which enables a circular counter rotating blade to repeatedly slice into the material. The number of cycles required to achieve this determines the class of cut resistance. Additionally an alternative test as required by EN ISO13997 which measures the applied force required to make a cut in a sample 20mm long.

  3. Tear Resistance Testing (Maximum Rating = 4)

    Using a Tensometer samples are mechanically pulled apart to test the resistance provided by the material. The force of which measured in Newtons provides the level of resistance the product achieves.

  4. Puncture Resistance Testing (Maximum Rating = 4)

    Also using a Tensometer puncture resistance is measured by the force also in Newtons that is required to break through the material with a specified pointed object (similar to a sharp nail).

Razorpro Classification

Performance Level
1 2 3 4 5
Abrasion Cycles 100 500 2000 8000 N/A
Cutting Index 1.2 2.5 5 10 20
Tear Force (N) 10 25 50 75 N/A
Puncture Force (N) 20 60 100 150 N/A
ISO Cut Load (N) >_13 >_22


Download the ROSTAING Test Results for each of the RazorPro products


Razorpro Gauntlet Datasheet DownloadRazorpro Sleeves Datasheet DownloadRazorpro Apron Datasheet DownloadRazorpro Chaps Datasheet Download


The CE EN 388 test results below show that Razorpro Gloves and Sleeves either outperform or match the competition, yet are available at a much lower price point!

Razorpro PPE Tests - Razorpro Price Comparison

SAE Systems – RAZORPRO Gauntlets 4 5 4 4 £54.99
(Competitor) – Hexarmor 400R6E 4 5 3 3 £150.00
(Competitor) – SteelLeather VIII 5038 4 5 4 4 £119.95
SAE Systems – RAZORPRO Sleeves 4 5 4 4 £52.99
(Competitor) – Hexarmor AS019S 4 5 3 3 £115.00

Razorpro PPE Tests High Quality Protective Gloves for Razor Wire and Fencing
Razorpro ISO 13997 Classification